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Vishay: A Short History of Automotive Transmissive Sensors and Their Evolution

By: Jim Toal, Director, Regional Marketing – Americas, Vishay Semicondutor, Optoelectronics Group The Pre-Triassic Period At the dawn of the present era, transmissive sensors in automotive systems took the form of an emitter-detector pair in through-hole packaging that was wave-soldered to a printed circuit board. The emitter and detector were facing each other so that […]


ON Semiconductor: NIV1161: ESD Protection with Automotive Short-to-Battery Blocking

The NIV1161 is designed to protect high speed data lines from ESD as well as short-to-vehicle battery situations. The ultra low capacitance and low ESD clamping voltage make this device an ideal solution for protecting voltage sensitive high speed data lines while the low FET limits distortion on the signal lines. The NIV1161’s flow-through style […]


Crocus Technology: Sensing High Currents of Several Hundreds Amperes

By: Lj Ristic, Ted Stokes and Maziar Amirani, Crocus Technology This Design Note from Crocus Technology explains how MLU magnetic sensors can be used in industrial applications to measure currents from several amperes to several hundred amperes. It is well known that a simple technique for measuring the current flowing in a conductor is based […]


ams: AS5147P High Speed Rotary Position Sensor

The AS5147P is an ultra high speed magnetic rotary position sensor which offers reliable performance in automotive applications compatible with the requirements of the ISO26262 functional safety standard. Providing accurate absolute and incremental measurement outputs at speeds up to 28,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), the AS5147P is ideal for safety critical applications such as electric […]