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This Month’s Featured Articles


Vishay – The Ideal Optocoupler: IL300 Linear, High-Bandwidth, Constant Gain Optocoupler

Optocouplers that feature an LED isolated from a phototransistor provide excellent isolation and electrical performance for most analog power applications. Yet standard couplers experience gain drift as well as limited bandwidth. In applications where a rock-steady gain, high bandwidth, and excellent linearity are required, the IL300 is the closest thing to an ideal analog isolator […]


Vishay – Add Performance to Your Industrial Power Application with power MOSFETs and power Ics

         Vishay offers a wide-ranging portfolio of power MOSFETs and power ICs to boost the performance of classic industrial applications such as power factor correction, SMPS, OR-ing control, and synchronous rectification. These products, along with the sense resistors, inductors, and capacitors in the Vishay passives portfolio, provide robust back- bones for mission critical designs and […]


Susumu – Precision High Power Chip Resistors: HRG Series

         Susumu, the leader in thin film chip resistor technology, has introduced another high power precision chip resistor series, the HRG series. The HRG series is another innovative resistor derived from the RG technology. Unlike Susumu’s other high power resistor, the PRG series which has long side terminals, the HRG series has conventional short side […]


Renesas – RL78 Family – Bringing Ultra-Low-Power to your application

The extensive family of Renesas RL78 microcontrollers consists of both general-purpose devices and application-specific MCUs. These increasingly popular MCUs make ultra-low-power applications possible by giving system designers advanced power-saving features and high-performance operation. RL78’s Low-power Modes Maximize Battery Life Three low-power modes maximize battery life by either putting on-chip functions such as the CPU, clock […]


Recom – We Power Your Products

Perfect for applications in the industrial, medical, alternative energy, test and measurement, telecommunication and lighting industries. AC/DC, DC/DC, switching regulators & AC & DC LED Drivers High quality modular power solutions from 0.25-150 Watt Efficiencies up to 97% and Isolation values up to 10Kv Warranty up to 7 years


Panasonic – Offering A Wide Range of Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Panasonic is a leading supplier of specialty sensor technologies, offering a wide array of sensor types including acceleration, angular, PIR motion, pressure, temperature and the new Grid-EYE infrared array sensor technology. PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs): Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications Simplified circuitry with fully integrated sensor design. Only 1mA current consumption, suitable for battery-driven […]