Analog Signal Chain – XR8051/52/54: Low Cost, High Speed Rail-to-Rail Amplifier


XR8051/52/54: Low Cost, High Speed Rail-to-Rail Amplifier
The XR8051, XR8052 and XR8054 are single, dual and quad, low cost, voltage feedback amplifiers. They are designed to operate on +3V to +5V, or ±5V supplies. The input voltage range extends 300mV below the negative rail and 0.9V below the positive rail. The XR805x offers superior dynamic performance with a 175MHz small signal bandwidth and 190V/µs slew rate. The combination of low power, high output current drive, and rail-to-rail performance make these amplifiers well suited for battery-powered communication/computing systems and video applications. The devices are pin compatible replacements for the 110MHz analog devices AD8051, AD8052 and 150MHz AD8054 single, dual and quad devices, respectively.
• 175MHz -3dB unity gain bandwidth
• 50MHz full power bandwidth (VO=2Vpp)
• 0.03%/0.03 degree differential gain/phase
• ±100mA output current
• 102dB PSRR
• 100dB CMRR
• Rail-to-rail output
• 190V/µs slew rate
• 2.6mA per channel
• 92dB open loop gain
• TSOT-5, SOIC-8, TSSOP-14 packages
• 1k MSRP: $0.69 to $1.34 US