AS8506: Simpler, More Robust Architecture for Lithium Cell Monitoring and Balancing



The AS8506 cell monitor and cell balancer IC enables autonomous cell balancing, simultaneous cell voltage comparison and readout of cells all in a robust, simple and small solution.

The AS8506 features simultaneous cell voltage comparison with upper and lower threshold, passive or optionally active cell balancing by simultaneous comparison of actual cell voltages with a target cell voltage. Cells which are above target will cyclically get discharged by one external resistor or optionally cells below target will cyclically receive charge packages from an isolated DC/DC converter through integrated switches in an autonomous way. The device can flexibly be used for battery stacks of 3 up to 7 cells and can be chained for virtually any number of cell stacks. Together with autonomous monitoring and balancing, this significantly reduces data communication compared to existing solutions and improves EMC robustness.

• Simultaneous cell voltage capture for balancing and cell monitoring
• Autonomous balancing and cell monitoring strongly reduces data communication and data processing and thereby improves EMC robustness
• Very low BOM for passive balancing with just one external discharge resistor
• Absolute cell voltage readout for OCV capture and cell impedance calculation. Readout of 2 temperature sensors
All li-based cell packs as well as electrical double-layer capacitors ? supercapacitors (EDLCs) in following applications:
• Mobility (like in 12V, 48V, high voltage BMS applications ? BEV, HEV, motorcycles, e-scooters, e-bicycles, e-karts)
• Consumer electronics like powertools (e.g. drill machines)
• Off/on-grid energy storage (for photo voltaic/wind energy)