Is Your Next Power Conversion Design Already Obsolete?



The power conversion market is constantly changing and pushing for increasing efficiencies and higher integration.

You need a semiconductor provider that covers the breadth of components you may need for your next power conversion design and innovates to keep up with the latest standards. No matter which topology or approach you choose to implement power conversion in your design, Microchip has solutions ranging from discrete analog solutions to sophisticated flexible digital power using digital signal controllers.

The devices you used in your last design may already be old news. So check out the latest portfolio of solutions from Microchip to help your design keep up with the latest efficiency standards. Our continued integration of components helps you build more cost effective systems, with easier board designs and increased reliability. In addition, Microchip provides the components needed to polish off your design like op amps, temperature sensors, current sensors, and MOSFETs.

Discrete Analog for Lowest Cost Fixed Function
These quick and easy, analog based discrete solutions offer a broad range of cost effective power conversion capabilities.

MCP19035-AAAAE/MF32V, analog PWM controller with integrated–sync buck MOSFET driver
MCP16301T-E/CH30 VIN, 800mA async buck regulator
MCP1754ST-3302E/MB16V, 150mA LDO

Digital Control Over an Analog System
Low cost 8-bit PIC®MCUs bring intelligence to analog based power conversion systems. Miniature packaging and advanced peripherals make it easy to add control, monitoring and communication to legacy designs.

MCP19110T-E/MJAnalog PWM controller with integrated MCU, MOSFET drivers, and mid-voltage LDO
PIC16F1787-I/PProgrammable switch mode controller, fast comparator
PIC16F753-I/POp amp, comparators, comp output generator
DV164136PIC18 development kit

Supplemental Power Products
This broad array of products support your power supply designs, including power MOSFETs, MOSFET drivers, current sensing op amps, high speed, high resolution analog-to-digital converters, and thermal management solutions.

MCP87055T-U/LC25V power MOSFET family, offering RDS(ON) as low as 1.8mΩ
MCP14E3-E/MF4A, dual low-side, MOSFET drivers

Flexible Solutions for Complete Digital Control
The dsPIC®GS family of DSCs is optimized to provide full digital control of power conversion stages. Compensation loops implemented in software offer the ultimate in flexibility, enabling designs leveraging numerous topologies to be tailored for energy efficiency over widely varying load or environmental conditions.

dsPIC33FJ06GS001-I/SS6-ch 2 MSPS ADC, 2 × 2 channels 1ns resolution PWM, 6-Kb flash, 20 pins
dsPIC33FJ16GS504-I/ML12-ch 4 MSPS ADC, 4 × 2 channels 1ns resolution PWM, 16-Kb flash, 44 pins
dsPIC33FJ64GS610-I/PT24-ch 4 MSPS ADC, 9 × 2 channels 1ns resolution PWM, 64-Kb flash, 100 pins
DM330017MPLAB® starter kit for digital power

Connectivity for Power Monitoring
PIC32 MCUs offer a feature-rich, scalable platform for enabling connectivity and LCD displays for real-time feedback of power supply health.

PIC32MX220F032D-I/PTLow cost USB and graphics 32-bit MCU
PIC32MX795F512L-80I/PTUSB, CAN and Ethernet enabled 32-bit MCU
DM320004PIC32 Ethernet and USB starter kit