MVAC250 and MVAC400 Series



New Medically Approved 250W AC/DC Converter Offers High Efficiency and Convection Cooling

Murata’s 250W MVAC250 package and the Murata industry leading MVAC400 400W package are both available in a standard 1U open frame format measuring just 127.00 x 76.20 x 35.56mm (5 x 3 x 1.4 inches). The MVAC250 and MVAC400 models accommodate the universal AC input voltage range from 90 to 264VAC with active power factor correction (PFC) and active in-rush protection.

These low profile power converters have significantly better convection cooled performance characteristics than other competing designs. The MVAC250 can deliver up to 170W and MVAC400 250W without the need for any forced air flow. This saves cost and reduces power packaging volume requirements. Removing cooling fans also allows designers to increase reliability and reduce system noise.

• 3 x 5 inches open frame standard footprint
• Efficiency up to 94%
• Convection cooled operation up to 170W for the MVAC250, and 250W for the MVAC400
• Medical safety certification, UL60601–1 3rd edition
• Current share, remote on-off, PS_OK option (AFD) (MVAC250)
• Optional current sharing (MVAC400)
• -10°C to +70°C full power operating temperature (MVAC250)
• -10°C to +50°C full power operating temperature (MVAC400)
• -20°C start-up (MVAC250)
• -20°C start-up, +70°C derated operation (MVAC400)
• Medical
• Telecom
• Data processing
• Test and measurement
• Transportation
• Traffic signal equipment
• Power plant control
• Mobile applications (MVAC250)
• Industrial factory automation