WSLP Series: Very High Power, Current Sense, Power Metal Strip® Resistors



The small size of the WSLP Series resistors allows it to replace larger current sensing resistors, saving on the circuit board that in turn will create smaller and lighter products for the consumer.

Manufactured using proprietary techniques that result in extremely high power and low resistance values, featuring all-welded construction with a solid metal nickel-chrome or manganese-copper alloy resistive element, the resistors offer very low inductance values, an excellent frequency response and low thermal EMF.

Ideal for all types of current sensing and pulse applications including:
• Switching and linear power supplies
• Instruments
• Power amplifiers
• Shunts
• Very high power to footprint size ratio
• Proprietary processing technique produces extremely low resistance values
• All welded construction
• Solid metal nickel-chrome or manganese-copper alloy resistive element with low TCR
• Very low inductance
• Excellent frequency response to 50MHz
• Low thermal EMF

Standard Electrical Specifications

Global ModelSizePower Rating P70°C WResistance Value Range Ω Tol. ±0.5%Resistance Value Range Ω Tol. ±1.0%Weight (typical) g/1000 pieces
WSLP060306030.40.015 to 0.10.01 to 0.11.9
WSLP080508050.50.01 to 0.050.01 to 0.054.8
WSLP120612061.00.005 to 0.050.001 to 0.0516.2
WSLP201020102.00.004 to 0.010.001 to 0.0138.9
WSLP251225123.00.003 to 0.010.0005 to 0.0163.6