Micrel – MIC24085 18V, 3A, 1MHz, High Performance, Integrated FET Buck Regulator in Tiny 3 x 3mm QFN





Micrel’s MIC24085 is a constant frequency, current-mode PWM buck regulator with integrated switches. The MIC24085 is targeted for cost-sensitive and high performance applications.

The MIC24085 operates over a supply range of 4.5V to 18V at a fixed 1MHz switching frequency and can be used to provide up to 3A of output current. The output voltage is adjustable down to 0.9V.

The MIC24085 provides the features of low stand-by current at 10μA, device enable, input under-voltage lockout, and output voltage monitoring. The part also provides fault protection for overcurrent and over-temperature.


  • 4.5V to 18V input voltage range
  • Requires no external compensation
  • 0.9V to 5V output voltage range
  • 1MHz switching frequency reduces output filter size
  • 10µA shutdown supply current meets energy star requirements
  • PFM mode light load efficiency improvement
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit
  • Output over-voltage protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Power good (PG) output


  • Set-top box
  • Gateways and routers
  • Networking/telecom infrastructure
  • Printers, scanners, and point-of-sale systems


Part NumberTemp RangePackage
MIC24085AYML-40°C to +125°C16-pin 3 x 3mm QFN
MIC24085BYML-40°C to +125°C16-pin 3 x 3mm QFN
MIC24085CYML-40°C to +125°C16-pin 3 x 3mm QFN
MIC24085DYML-40°C to +125°C16-pin 3 x 3mm QFN
MIC24085EYML-40°C to +125°C16-pin 3 x 3mm QFN
MIC24085FYML-40°C to +125°C16-pin 3 x 3mm QFN