Micrel’s MIC28304: Micro Power Module





MIC28304: Micro Power Module

• Highly Integrated Synchronous Buck Module Solution
• Can Drive Output Current Up to 3A
• Available in a Wide Input Voltage Range of 4.5V to 70V
• Thermally Enhanced Small 12mm x 12mm QFN Package
• Best in Class Low Radiated Emissions
• Increased Reliability for Large Input Voltage Transients

Part NumberSwitching FrequencyFeaturesFeaturesJunction Temp RangeLead Finish
MIC28304-1YML200kHz to 600kHzHyperLight Load®64-pin 12mm x 12mm QFN-40°C to +125°CPb-Free
MIC28304-2YML200kHz to 600kHzHyper Speed Control64-pin 12mm x 12mm QFN-40°C to +125°CPb-Free