Fairchild Semiconductor – FDMF5820/21: Integrated Smart Power Stage (SPS) with Integrated Temperature Monitor





FDMF5820/21: Integrated Smart Power Stage (SPS) with Integrated Temperature Monitor

The FDMF5820/21DC integrate a driver IC with a bootstrap Schottky diode, two power MOSFETs, and a thermal monitor into a thermally enhanced, ultra compact, 5 x 5mm package. With an integrated approach, the SPS switching power stage is optimized for driver and MOSFET dynamic performance, minimized system inductance, and power MOSFET RDS(ON). The SPS family uses Fairchild’s high performance PowerTrench® MOSFET technology, which reduces switch ringing, eliminating the need for a snubber circuit in most buck converter applications. A driver IC with reduced dead times and propagation delays further enhances the performance. A programmable thermal shutdown function turns off the driver if an over-temperature condition occurs.

• Ultra compact 5 x 5 x 0.75mm PQFN with dual cool packaging technology
• Three state 3.3V PWM and 5V PWM input gate driver
• Thermal monitor (TMON) for module temperature reporting
• Dual mode enable and catastrophic fault reporting pin
• Optimized for switching frequencies up to 2MHz
• <3µA shutdown current
• 60A current handling
• Integrated Zero Cross Detect (ZCD) circuitry
• Programmable thermal shutdown (P_THDN)
• Under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
• 1k MSRP: $1.89 US

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