Microchip – MCP8024: 3-Phase Brushless DC Companion Device





MCP8024: 3-Phase Brushless DC Companion Device

The MCP8024 is a 3-phase Brushless DC (BLDC) gate driver with power module. The MCP8024 device integrates three half bridge drivers to drive external NMOS/NMOS transistor pairs configured to drive a
3-phase BLDC motor, a comparator, a voltage regulator to provide bias to a companion microcontroller, power monitoring comparators, an over-temperature sensor, 2 level translators and 3 operational amplifiers for motor current monitoring. The MCP8024 operates across a wide voltage range of 6V to 28V and can withstand transient voltage up to 48V.

• Independent input control
• Shoot through protection
• Adjustable output buck regulator (750mW)
• Internal bandgap reference
• 6V to 40V input voltage range
• 6V to 28V operational voltage range
• 0.5A at 12V peak output current
• Overcurrent and short circuit protection
• 5V and 12V at 20mA linear regulators
• Overcurrent comparator
• 2 level translators
• 10k MSRP: $2.61 US