Renesas – RX111 MCUs with the DSP Advantage







Renesas provides a clear advantage with their new RX100 MCU series by providing critical DSP functionality not found in other entry-level 32-bit MCUs. Unlike competitive M0/M0+ families, the RX111 provides a hardwarebased MAC (multiply/accumulate) and divide capability – offering a huge improvement in design efficiency and performance compared to softwarebased implementations. The RX111 also offers an extensive DSP instruction set and a 32-bit Barrel shifter – also not found in competitive M0/M0+ offerings. The extensive DSP capabilities offered in the RX100 series make it the obvious choice for low-cost, low-power signal-processing applications.


RX111 DSP Advantage

Only entry-level 32-bit family with hardware-based MAC and divide capability*

DSP CapabilityRX111LPC11/KL0/STM32F0
Hardware MAC (Multiply/Accumulate)Yes (48-bit)No
Hardware DivideYesNo
Barrel ShifterYes (32-bit)No
DSP InstructionsYesNo
* Source – published competitive datasheets as of 3/15/2013

RX Series Computing Capabilities vs ARM
The RX100 core features 1.56 DMIPS/MHz and 3.08 CoreMark/MHz performance and achieves 50 DMIPS at 32MHz.

Sources: Cortex M Series CoreMark and DMIPS available on RX200 and RX100 CoreMark estimates are from Renesas with IAR compiler. RL78 and RX600 CoreMark are published on DMIPS/MHz are published on all Renesas brochures for RX and RL families.

RX111 Renesas Promotion Board (RPB)
The board was designed to showcase RX111 low power modes, featuring Pmod and energy harvesting connectors, and comes loaded with software and tools.

RPB Part Number: YRPBRX111
• Integrated J-Link debugger
• Power measurement built in
• Applilet
• e2studio toolchain
• USB Demo




RX111 Renesas Starter Kit (RSK)
This complete RX111-based hardware/software platform for in-depth application design includes the E1 Debugger, a trial version of the e2studio and Renesas RX compiler and demonstration firmware.

RSK Part Number: YR0K505111S000BE