STMicroelectronics – STM32 32-bit MCU family – The fastest growing ARM® Cortex® -M based platform





From the success of the foundation STM32 F1, newcomers are enriching the STM32 portfolio

Highest performance based on Cortex-M4: STM32 F4 series with DSP and FPU
• 608 CoreMark at 180MHz from Flash
• Up to 2MB dual-bank Flash, 256 KB SRAM
• SDRAM, TFT LCD controller with graphicsacceleration and serial audio interface




1. HS requires an external PHY connected to the ULPI interface
2. C rypto/hash processor on STM32F415, STM32F417, STM32F437 and STM32F439
3. With digital lter feature

Mixed-signal based on Cortex-M4: STM32 F3 series with DSP and FPU
• From 16- to 512KB* embedded Flash
• Fast 12-bit ADC, 5MSPS and precise 16-bit sigma-delta ADCs
• Fast comparators (50ns), programmable gain amplifiers (4 gains, 1% accuracy), 12-bit DACs

Ultra-low-power based on Cortex-M3: STM32 L1 series
• From 32- to 512KB** embedded Flash
• Now operates at 20% lower power
• 0.9μA in Standby mode +RTC
• New STM32L100 Value line now available

Entry level based on Cortex-M0: STM32 F0 series
• From 16- to 128KB** embedded Flash
• Comes with even smaller package (TSSOP20)
• New STM32F030 Value line now available

* STM32F30x 16- to 64KB devices are in sampling phase and first sample of STM32F3 512KB will be available in Q1/2014
** First samples of STM32F0 128KB devices and STM32L1 512KB will be available in Q4/2013.

Development tools

ST’s STM32 family of 32-bit ARM Cortex-M-core-based microcontrollers are supported by a complete range of low cost and high-end evaluation software, debugging and programming tools. This complete line includes third party solutions that come with C/C++ compiler, integrated development environment and in-circuit debugger/programmer featuring a JTAG/SWD application interface. Developers can also explore and start applications easily with any of a range of affordable, easy-to-use starter kits.

The superb combination of a state-of-the-art and efficient library of software drivers and extensive support for all major tool providers offers a fast route to best fit and an optimized development process.

Start today with STM32 Discovery Kits
Discovery kits are the cheapest and quickest way to discover the STM32 family.

These quick start evaluation boards embed an ST-LINK or ST-LINK/V2 debug probe and are supported by IDE from Atollic, Keil, IAR and TASKING.

STM32 evaluation boards implement the complete range of device peripherals for each of the STM32 product lines.

STM32 – The leading Cortex-M portfolio