Crocus Technology – CTSX family: New Generation of High Sensitivity Magnetic Sensors


Sensor for Multidirectional Sensing


The Crocus CTSX family of magnetic sensors is designed for sensing low magnetic fields. The advantages of these magnetic sensors include proprietary Thermal Assisted Switching (TAS) programming, Differential Thermal Assisted Programming (DTAP), high sensitivity, high linearity, excellent frequency response, and low power.

The Crocus series of magnetic sensors is composed of multiple magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) made of magnetic thin films. The MTJ cell is constructed of two magnetic layers separated by a thin oxide which serves as a tunnel oxide. One of the two magnetic layers has a fixed magnetic orientation and it is called a reference layer. The other magnetic layer, called a sensing layer, has flexibility of changing orientation in the presence of magnetic field. Consequently, the resistance of a sensor changes in the presence of magnetic field. The change of resistance can be directly correlated to the intensity and angle of a magnetic field. Crocus has introduced multiple innovations around this basic principle in developing its magnetic field sensor product line.

Crocus Technology sensor devices provide high stability, as well as highly reliable performance over a wide range of operating temperatures up to +250˚C.


Single Sensor Circuit


Differential Sensor Circuit


  • High sensitivity
  • Magnetic field detection without external signal processing
  • Multiple architectures
  • High temperature operation
  • High frequency performance
  • Low frequency performance
  • High stability
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Low power


  • Switching
  • Current sensing
  • Rotation and speed
  • Position sensing
  • Angular position
  • Multi-axis sensing
Part NumberCTSX100CTSX200CTSX300
Output Resistance, RORO < 1kΩ 1kΩ < RO < 20kΩRO > 20kΩ
Input Resistance, RIN70Ω70Ω70Ω
Voltage Supply (VB)1.2V3V to 5V5V to 15V
Input Bias (IIN )25mA25mA25mA
Linearity Range(±)200e(±)200e(±)200e
ArchitectureR, H, WR, H, WR, H, W

R – Single resistor, H – Differential resistor, W – Wheatstone bridge