Diodes – PAM8320: 20W Class-D Audio Amplifier



The PAM8320 is an efficient 20W mono Class-D audio power amplifier, designed to drive speakers as low as 4Ω in a bridge-tied load configuration. Due to the low power dissipation and high efficiency of up to 95%, the device can be used without any external heat sink while playing music. The PAM8320 features short circuit protection, thermal shutdown, over-voltage protection and under-voltage lockout.


  • 4.5V to 15V operating voltage
  • Single-ended analog input
  • Internal oscillator (no external components required)
  • Thermal and short circuit protection with auto recovery
  • Over-voltage protection and under-voltage lockout
  • 20W into 4Ω BTL load from 12V supply
  • No pop noise for start-up and shutdown sequences
  • High efficient Class-D with no need for heat sinks
  • SO-16EP package