International Rectifier – AUIR08152S: Highly Compact 10A AUIR08152S Gate Drive IC Shrinks Automotive High Current Switching Systems While Boosting Performance



IR is introducing the highly compact AUIR08152S automotive-qualified gate drive IC featuring high output current in excess of 10A that shrinks system size and boosts performance in automotive and industrial high power switching applications. 

The AUIR08152S buffer gate driver enables the use of any standard low current gate driver, optocoupler or CMOS isolator to drive large size IGBTs or MOSFETs in switching applications and efficiently boosts any low or under-powered gate drive into a high current drive system. Available in a compact SO-8 package, the highly integrated buffer IC can replace up to 10 discrete components for simpler, smaller and more robust system design.

The new device’s very low output impedance and power losses permit operation in harsh and high temperature environments. The AUIR08152S additionally features negative VGS driving and continuous on-state capability as a result of an integrated PMOS output in parallel to the high side pull-up NMOS. The OUTH and OUTL separated outputs allow selection of two different external resistors for charging and discharging the gate essential for controlling EMI and CdV/dT effect in high power motor driver and SMPS applications.

The device is qualified according to AEC-Q100 standards, housed in an industry standard SO-8 package that features an environmentally friendly, lead-free and RoHS compliant bill of materials and is part of IR’s automotive quality initiative targeting zero defects.



AUIR08152SSO-8IO>10A15V to 35V100mΩ/200mΩ typical150ns/230ns typical150ns/150ns

  • High power inverters
  • EV/HEV power trains

  • High peak output current
  • Negative turn-off bias
  • Separate RON/ROFF resistors
  • Low supply current
  • Under-voltage lockout
  • Full time ON capability
  • Low propagation delay time
  • Gate clamping when no supply
  • Automotive qualified