Littelfuse – Hamlin – 55320: Non-Contact Magnetic Sensing from Littelfuse-Hamlin


Hall sensors and Hall Effect sensors are a solid state device with no moving parts. The Hall sensor’s operational life is virtually unlimited if operated within the Hall Effect electrical load ratings and its junction temperatures are not exceeded. The Hall Effect sensors that Hamlin uses have 3 types of output options: digital, latching, and analog.

Most Hall devices sense field strength perpendicular to the IC

  • Output decreases with South magnetic field
  • Output increases with North magnetic field


Hall angle sensors measure the magnetic field  in two or three axes and compute angle

  • Less susceptible to air gap and magnetic strength variation


Hamlin 55320 Flat Pack Linear Hall Sensor


  • 30mm linear sensing range
  • Absolute position sensing
  • Analog output
  • Non-contact measuring
  • EMC protection


  • Long life – no wear components
  • High speed
  • Unaffected by harsh environments
  • Compact robust package
  • Adaptable to custom magnetic actuators


  • Hydraulic cylinder position
  • Transmission shift position
  • Valve position
  • Seat position
  • Automation and controls