Melexis – The MLX90620 FIRray Brings Multi-Point Temperature Measurement 3 to Low-Cost Applications



Built On Proven Infrared Technology

The MLX90620 is the ideal sensor for low cost, low resolution thermal imaging and multi-point temperature measurement. With its integrated electronics it is ready to make your automotive, industrial or security application a reality.

For over 10 years Melexis has been making reliable and accurate IR thermometers. In the MLX90620, Melexis combines 64 of its tried and true IR thermometers in a 16 X 4 array, each with its own sensor, amplifier and A/D converter for real time multipoint temperature measurement. This is all housed in an industry standard, small TO-39 package.

All The Features… At A Fraction Of The Cost

- Small size, cost effective 16X4 pixel, thermal array
- Active thermopile pixel technology for fast readout
- Factory calibration in wide temperature range:

  • -40 to 85°C for ambient temperature
  • -20 to 300°C for object temperature

- ±1.5°C accuracy in the range 0-50°C
- 2 Field Of View options: 60ºX15º and 40ºX10º
- High speed I2C digital interface for fast data transfer