ON Semiconductor – LC717A10AR-NH 16 Channel Electrostatic Capacitive Touch Sensor



The LC717A10AR-NH is a high performance, low cost capacitance-digital-converter LSI for electrostatic capacitive touch sensors, especially focused on usability.

High sensitivity: innovative capacitive touch switch technology eliminates design concerns with air gaps and material thickness responsiveness due to high sensitivity performance.

Design friendly: can be connected directly to a familiar MCU and execute standalone operation. This makes it very easy to implement, speeds design and improves user experience.

Automated built-in noise and environmental change compensation function technology: prevents and compensates for noise related malfunctions and variations of sensitivity due to environmental changes such as dust or oil build up, temperature or humidity.

Evaluation Board: LC717A00ARGEVK – capacitance touch sensor operation


  • Automotive: entertainment systems
  • White goods: cooktop, washing machines
  • Industrial: security systems
  • Consumer: printers


  • Femto Farad, 5.0cm proximity detection (<10cm in the lab)
  • Adhesive free, air gap available:
    • No dielectric materials such as light guide plates
    • No adhesive processes in assembly
  • Long sensor trace provides more effective design
  • Wide operational temperature: -40°C to +105°C
  • Wide range supply voltage: 2.6V to 5.5V
  • Very low supply current: 570μA
  • No extra components for sensing necessary such as resistance or capacitance
  • High noise immunity
  • IEC61000-4-6 (Level 3) certified – test data available on request