Renesas – RX Family DSP Capability is Ideally Suited for Sensor-Based Applications


Renesas RX63N and RX100


Thanks to the Internet of Things, smart phones and other technology trends, the use of sensor-based embedded systems continues to grow dramatically.

Renesas’ industry-leading 32-bit RX MCU family is becoming the market leader in these rapidly proliferating sensor applications by providing key advantages to designers focused on sensor fusion and near-sensor processing applications.

What is Sensor Fusion?

Position sensing is becoming increasingly popular in applications such as:

  • Dead reckoning
  • Medical devices
  • Gaming
  • Home appliances
  • Robotics
  • Industrial control

Low cost MEMs sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes are useful for position sensing and, when fused together, result in an excellent pitch and roll accuracy over a broad frequency range.

Due to its Floating Point Unit and Digital Signal Processing capabilities, the RX600 is able to process the sensor fusion algorithm in real time with minimal loading on the CPU.

Another area of widely expanding sensor usage is related to near-sensor processing.

What is Near-Sensor Processing?

As sensor-based subsystems are deployed in more and more applications, the need to dramatically reduce size, weight, power and cost are becoming paramount. By moving the system’s data and signal processing closer to the sensor, system designers can decrease size, cost, latencies, bandwidth requirements, and power consumption across the entire system. A critical element of effective near-sensor processing is an ultra-low cost, low-power MCU with DSP capabilities like the Renesas RX100 series. Near-sensor processing is critical in a wide range of applications, including medical imaging, embedded vision, industrial inspection, and surveillance. The RX111 is the only entry-level 32-bit MCU that provides single-cycle multiply and hardware-based divide capability as well as an extensive DSP instruction set, making it the perfect vehicle for effective near-sensor processing requirements.

Since Renesas’ extensive DSP instruction set is scalable across the entire RX family, it’s clear that RX MCUs are the obvious choice for sensor-based processing regardless of the end application.

RX63N Renesas Starter Kit (RSK)
RSK Part Number: ROK50563NS000BE

  • CPU board (R5F563NBDDFC)
  • Detachable LCD display module
  • E1 emulator
  • Compiler for RX family evaluation version
  • HEW and Eclipse e2 studio IDEs

RX111 Renesas Starter Kit (RSK)
RSK Part Number: YR0K505111S000BE
This complete RX111-based hardware/software platform for in-depth application design includes the E1 Debugger, e2 studio, demonstration firmware, and a trial version of the Renesas RX compiler.