TE Connectivity – CPC series: UV Resistant Sealed Circular Plastic Connectors Save Cost, Complexity and Space



The TE Connectivity UV resistant sealed Circular Plastic Connector (CPC) series uses UL F1-rated resin meeting industry standards for long term UV exposure, minimizing degradation of parts that are installed outdoors and saving the costs of frequently replacing UV degraded components.

In addition, the connectors are sealed to IP67 and require no supplementary enclosure to protect the mated connector against water spray or even immersion for short durations. This simplifies installation and helps lower engineering costs.

With their circular configuration the connectors are smaller than comparable rectangular style connectors with an equivalent number of contacts. This allows more efficient use of space inside equipment enclosures and on panels. Mounting options include panel mount and free hanging variants.

The receptacle and plug housings accept Type III+ signal contacts and/or AMP POWERBAND (size 8) contacts. The housings come in three series for signal only connections, power interconnect with current up to 50A per contact, or hybrid connectors combining signal and power in the same housing. The option to combine power and signal connections in a single robust, UV resistant, IP67-sealed connector enhances opportunities for equipment designers to save space and simplify equipment assembly and installation.


  • Wireless base stations
  • Remote radio heads
  • Renewable energy infrastructure
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) equipment

  • +110°C maximum operating temperature
  • 600V AC or DC voltage rating (signal and hybrid series)
  • 250V AC or DC voltage rating (power connectors)
  • UL 94V-0 flammability rating
  • UL recognized

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