TE Connectivity – RTX Relay: Save Both Energy and Space While Handling Peak In-Rush Currents up to 320A with TE Connectivity’s RTX Relays



TE’s RTX relay is specifically developed to meet the requirements of IEC 60669-1, a standard characterized by high in-rush currents and make/break capacities up to 16A/250VAC. Requirements for this switching capability may be found in lighting controls, home automation systems and similar

The in-rush capability of this 1 form A (NO) relay is achieved using an innovative dual contact system. It incorporates a TE “flip-flop” spring and a tungsten pre-make contact set to switch in-rush currents up to 320A (peak). Loads are carried and broken using the relay’s silver tin oxide contact set.

While the RTX is an expansion of the RT in-rush relay family, it has a newly designed bi-stable magnetic system. Either the one- or two-coil model provides a high level of energy efficiency. The relay’s actuator design has contact opening features built-in to help open possible microwelds, thus extending the life of the relay.

Measuring only 29.1 x 12.7 x 16mm, the RTX is approximately half the size of conventional solutions on the market, offering a space saving advantage. Like all other RT in-rush type relays, the RTX is produced in Waidhofen, Austria. It is VDE approved and UL recognized and RoHS compliant.

With the RTX, TE launches an innovative, trendsetting and even higher performing RT in-rush type relay.


  • Lighting control systems
  • Movement sensors (e.g. passive infrared sensors)
  • Home automation applications (bus systems, remote switching)
  • Electronic switches for fixed installations

  • High in-rush capability due to tungsten pre-make contact and silver tin oxide carry/break contact
  • 16A/250VAC make and break capacity according to IEC 60669-1
  • Energy efficient with the bi-stable (latching) DC coil system utilizing one or two coil
  • Reinforced insulation helps provide additional safety protection
  • Small product dimensions of 29.1 x 12.7 x 16mm to meet industry standard
  • RoHS compliancy and cadmium-free design meet market requirements