Bivar – PM5-M124 Series: New PM5-M124 Series, Smart Sensor Metal Panel Mount Indicators



Engineers rely on Bivar’s expertise to continuously enhance machine-to-human communication across a variety of industries and applications. With the introduction of their new PM5-M124 series of metal panel mount indicators, Bivar has incorporated advanced smart sensor technology in their unique indicators which automatically sense and adjust for appropriate light output and intensity in ambient lighting conditions.

These new smart sensor panel mount indicators are sealed, IP67 rated, and feature a high intensity LED that is easily visible in both bright and dark lighting conditions. The housing is comprised of black metal, making them ideally suited to function in heat, cold and other harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, the PM5-M124 panel mount indicators are shock and vibration resistant and include sealed protection from water, dust, and moisture, making them an optimal indication solution for more ruggedized applications.

As a leading specialty provider of LED indication products, Bivar takes into account key considerations in order to bring greater design flexibility to a range of consumer and industrial end-products. Bivar panel mount indicators offer a wide variety of LED colors, configurations and options to further distinguish your product designs and address even the most challenging space constraints.


  • Servers and server equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Military, defense and utility vehicles
  • Commercial and communication control boxes
  • Wireless and power line infrastructures
  • Water and waste treatment equipment

  • Smart sensor technology including automatic sensing and adjusting to account for ambient lighting conditions (sunlight readable and auto dimming)
  • IP67 rated and RoHS compliant
  • Black metal housing for ruggedized applications, including shock and vibration resistance
  • Solid indication offerings in green, blue, red, and yellow, available with 5mm LEDs
  • Wide angle viewing capability with a water clear Fresnel lens
  • Non-polarized quick disconnect terminal blades for easy installation and optional wire connection