Diodes Inc. – LED Drivers: Diodes’ Design Solutions for LED Lighting



Diodes Incorporated‘s LED driving solutions are not only recognized for their high efficiency and simplicity; they are also renowned for their incredible versatility and are well suited to tackle a wide range of applications including general lighting, automotive, portable lighting and signage, and display.

Diodes’ offline LED drivers provide a simple cost effective solution for offline lamps, which includes retrofit lamps as well as T5/T8/T10/T12 replacements.

Diodes’ medium voltage DC/DC high brightness LED drivers combine a small footprint and high power density with operating voltage up to 60V. Integrated switch LED drivers are capable of delivering LED currents up to 1.5A. Device topologies include buck, boost and buck-boost.

Diodes’ low voltage DC/DC high brightness LED drivers are targeted at battery-powered systems for general illumination applications. Uses range from 3W LED flashlights, to bicycle lights, to solar powered architectural lighting. Operation down to 0.8V supports 1-AA cell lamps.

Diodes’ linear LED drivers provide a simple cost effective solution to driving low current, high brightness LEDs.

Along with a diversified portfolio of LED drivers, Diodes also offers a wide range of switches and rectifiers, providing an enhanced solution for your LED lighting needs.

ApplicationLED Driver Switch Rectifier Diodes Advantage
MR16 LED LampsAL8811, AL8812ZXMN6A11Z, MMBT3904-7-F SBR3U30P1, SBRT3M40P1Small footprint solutions
B10, E14, GU10
Retrofit Lamps
AL9910, AP1680
AP1684, AP1694
ZXMN20B28LK3 (120VAC)
DMG4N65CT (230VAC)
DFLR1600, DFLR1800Low component count
A19, E27
Retrofit Lamps
AL9910, AP1694 DMG4N65P5 (230VAC)
(Bridge) DF06S, SF30JG-B Wide dimming range
Par30, Par 38
Retrofit Lamps
AP1690, AP1694
XMN20B28LK3 (120VAC)
DMG9N65CT (230VAC), AP13005
(Bridge) DF06S, SF30JG-B DSRHD02/04/06/08/10High efficiency and power factor
T8, T12 Fluorescent
Tube Replacement
AP1682E, AP1688
DMG4N65CT (230VAC)(Bridge) DF06S, SF30JG-B DSRHD02/04/06/08/1 Full input voltage range
Residential AL880x, AP880x
ZXLD136x, PAM286x
MUR160GSimple solutions
LED Wall Washers ZXLD1370/1ZXMN10A09K/DMN6068LK3B1100Drivers >3A LED current
LED Flashlights PAM2805, ZXSC31x
ZXTN25012EFHB120, PD3S120LCompact solution
LED Signs ZXLD1370ZVN2120GDDZ9702TMulti-topology drive capability
LED Signs AL8400 DMN6068SE/DNLS320E Simple and versatile
LED Signs AL5812/1 Adjustable constant LED current
Automotive - Interior Lamps AL8400Q ZXMN4A06G/DNLS320E BZT52CxSmall footprint package
Automotive - Interior Lamps ZXLD1356Q PD3S140 Simple and cost effective
Automotive - Daytime
Running Lamps
ZXLD1371Q DMN6068LK3PD3S140 Configurable buck, boost and buck-boost
Automotive - Fog Lamps ZXLD1366Q PD3S140 High LED current accuracy