Fairchild Semiconductor – FL7733: The New FL7733 Provides Highest Quality Light


FL7733 Typical Application Diagram


The FL7733 is a highly integrated LED controller with power factor correction for AC input isolated single stage non-dimming LED driver designs of up to 60W. It uses the primary side regulation (PSR) flyback topology which neither requires secondary side feedback circuit nor the input bulk capacitor thus saving components and system cost.

The FL7733 incorporates new technologies to provide performance that simplifies the design for the manufacturer and that provides highest quality light for the consumer. A precise constant current (CC) control provides better than 3% CC variation over operating conditions including 80VAC to 308VAC line input range, ultra wide output voltage range down to <10% of maximum VOUT value. The tight CC accuracy over operating conditions allows for uniform luminous intensity between the same Solid State Lighting (SSL) designs. The IC also provides power factor correction with >0.9PF and low THD of <10% with universal line input. Using its internal JFET, the IC starts up in

The protection functions in FL7733 include dual OVP for both Open-VS and Open-VDD conditions, output diode short, and open/short protection for current sense resistor and every pin of the control IC. Open LED, short LED, and over-temperature shutdown protections are also provided. These comprehensive protection functions of FL7733 allow designs to easily meet safety regulations, and ensure robust and long term reliable operation. It is rated from -40°C to +125°C operation and is available in an 8-pin small outline package (SOP).

  • For A19, PAR30/38 bulbs, down and flat lights, indoor and outdoor lights up to 60W
  • Accurate constant current (CC) tolerance of <±3% for uniform luminous intensity
  • High power factor and low THD (>0.9PF and <10% THD at universal input)
  • Ultra wide VOUT range down to below 10% of maximum VOUT for high compatibility with LED modules
  • Comprehensive integrated protection functions

Part Number: FAN7733MX (SOP-8L package)