Microchip – DV160214-1 and DV160214-2: Intelligent Lighting and Control


Intelligent lighting and control solutions from Microchip can meet the technical needs of lighting engineers with a large array of 8-, 16-, 32-bit PIC® microcontrollers, analog, wireless, and human interface products. With advanced peripheral integration and support for all lighting technologies, a scalable Microchip solution provides significant flexibility versus that of a pure analog or ASIC implementation. Designing with Microchip-based lighting solutions enables innovation that expands lighting product capabilities and provides product differentiation.

Light emitting diode (LED) technology is currently at the forefront of delivering the most efficient alternatives to incandescent lighting. Although LEDs pose technical challenges, they also offer significant advantages beyond simple incandescent light bulb replacement, including improved efficacy (lumens/watt), reduced energy consumption, and the ability to add intelligence.

The communication platform is compatible with commercially available DALI/DMX512A products and can be integrated into existing lighting networks during development or utilized with multiple communication platforms to simulate large lighting networks.


The Lighting Communications Development Platform provides a universal lighting development platform for the creation of communications enabled lighting applications.

The Lighting Communications Development Platform consists of:

  • Main communications board
  • Prototyping board
  • Communications interface adapters (DALI, DMX512A, future protocol support [e.g. RF])

The following is required:

  • Minimum of 2 main or 2 prototyping boards
  • Minimum 2 adapters
  • Connected via appropriate cabling
  • RJ45 patch cable
  • DMX512A 5-pin barrel cable
  • DALI 2-wire

Available separately or as a kit to get started quickly…


DALI Starter Kit (DV160214-1)

  • Main boards (2)
  • Prototyping board (1)
  • DALI adapters (2)
  • 9V International power supply
  • RJ45 Patch cable

DMX512A Starter Kit (DV160214-2)

  • Main boards (2)
  • Prototyping board (1)
  • DMX512A adapters (2)
  • 9V International power supply
  • RJ45 Patch cable