ON Semiconductor – NCL30080/1/2/3 Family: Optimize Your LED Driver Design



The NCL30080/1/2/3 Family of AC-DC Primary Side Controllers offer precise current regulation accuracy across a wide forward voltage window to help future-proof your LED driver designs

A novel quasi-resonant primary side controller eliminates the need for secondary side feedback circuitry while
achieving high efficiency. Wide Vcc input ranges allow one design to support more than a 2:1 range of LEDs with a single transformer and the controller can be used for either isolated flyback or the more efficient non-isolated buck-boost topology.

The series has options to support user programmable thermal foldback as well as several dimming options including a single pin analog/dimming input ideal for next generation “smart lighting” applications.

DeviceDimming ControlThermal Foldback
NCL30081A/B5 StepNo
NCL30083A/B5 StepYes

NCL3008x precise current regulation accuracy across range of LEDs and AC line