TE Connectivity – 2154829-1/2/3: Bring Power to LED Aluminum Clad Boards with High Power Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector



TE Connectivity’s High Power Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector, available in 2, 3 and 4 positions, bringing power to LED aluminum clad boards from the underside of the printed circuit board. The mating Economy Power II (EP II) plug connectors, based on a 0.156” (3.96mm) pitch, are rated for 600VAC up to 7A and accept 22AWG to 18AWG (0.34mm² to 0.75mm²) stranded wire sizes that are ideal for delivering power to printed circuit boards.

Parts List


  • Indoor and outdoor solid state lighting fixtures
  • Solid state lighting modules and controls
  • Industrial/commercial meters and controls

  • Eliminates wire dress management issues with discrete wire leads around the top surface of LED printed circuit boards
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4 positions
  • EP II connectors provide positive latching
  • Low profile top surface height of 2.00mm above the LED printed circuit board
  • Rounded corners to prevent shadowing
  • Connector is positioned in cutout or notch in the printed circuit board
  • Surface mount board lock provides stability during mating and unmating
  • High temperature material for reflow soldering process
  • Tape and reel packaging for high speed SMT processing
  • Flat top surface allows for vacuum pick up
  • EP II cable assemblies available upon request
  • RoHS compliant