Diodes – ZXBM5210: Reversible DC Motor Driver

ZXBM5210: Reversible DC Motor Driver

The ZXBM5210 is a highly integrated high performance single chip solution for reversible brushed direct current (DC) motors and actuators. The driver’s integrated high performance H-bridge output stage can deliver currents as high as 700mA continuous, 1.2A peak and has been designed to meet stringent low noise requirements by minimizing both audible switching noise and electromagnetic interference. For system flexibility the device has four modes of operation: forward, reverse, brake and stand-by modes. The operating mode and direction of rotation can be selected by the FWD and REV pins.


  • Supports single coil reversible DC motor applications
  • Four modes of operations: forward, reverse, brake and stand-by
  • Internal overcurrent protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • 6kV ESD withstand capability
  • 3V to 18V operating voltage
  • 0.85mA/32µA normal/stand-by operation current
  • Under-voltage lockout and over-voltage protection
  • -40ºC to +85ºC/105ºC operating temperature
  • Standard SO-8 and thermally enhanced SO-8EP