Fairchild – MDB10SV: Micro DIP Bridge Rectifier Minimizes Power Loss in Mobile Charger Applications

Fairchild strives to continuously re-invent the fundamental building blocks and help customers achieve the highest levels of efficiency in the smallest form-factors possible. Bridge rectifiers are a fundamental building block so basic they are often overlooked in the design process. However, as system efficiency and power ratings continue to increase, bridge
rectifiers can account for up to 20% of total system power loss.

With the ever-pressing need to improve power supply efficiency and reliability, the MDB10SV sets a new standard in small form-factor, efficient, robust, bridge rectifier performance. The device is a high efficiency, 1.2A, 1000V, single phase bridge for 5W to 30W portable charger applications and offers optimized forward voltage drop. This translates directly to less wasted power, helping designers meet the challenges of achieving increased system efficiency.

The MDB10SV pushes the performance envelope of small form-factor bridge rectifiers and provides designers a 15% lower forward voltage (VF). This translates directly to 15% less power loss in the bridge, providing designers a more energy efficient solution.

The device also features a 20% higher current rating and a 30% higher pulse capability when compared to previous competitive solutions.


  • Optimized forward voltage (VF): 0.86V max at 0.3A
  • 1.2A rated current
  • 40A surge rating
  • Maximized pulse capability for harsher environments: IFSM = 40A, I2T = 6.6A2sec
  • Small form-factor micro DIP package requires only 35mm2 of board space
  • Low package profile: 1.45mm typical, 1.60mm max
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free

  • Portable chargers






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