Micrel – MIC28304/MIC45205/MIC45208/MIC45212: High Voltage High Density Power Modules

MIC28304/MIC45205/MIC45208/MIC45212: High Voltage High Density Power Modules

The MIC28304/MIC45205/MIC45208/MIC45212 family of power modules operates from 4.5V to 26.5V (70V for MIC28304) input and are capable of delivering currents of 3A, 6A, 10A and 14A, respectively. These highly integrated power module solutions are designed to simplify the system power design process while offering exceptional performance. These modules feature a complete switching power supply solution in an ultra compact, thermally-enhanced, rugged surface mount package. The devices integrate a PWM controller, power MOSFETs, inductor, and associated discrete components to save board space and reduce component counts which results in higher system reliability.


  • 0.8V to 5.5V with ±1% accuracy output voltage
  • Adjustable current limit; hiccup mode current limit
  • Hyper Speed Control™ architecture enables fast transient response
  • >93% peak efficiency
  • Built-in 5V regulator for single supply operation (MIC45xxx)
  • 200kHz to 600kHz programmable switching frequency
  • 6ms internal soft start with power good output
  • HyperLight Load® available
  • Low radiated emission (EMI) per EN55022, class B (MIC28304)