Raltron – OCXO Series: New OCXO Family: Smallest Size and Excellent Frequency Stability

Raltron’s new series OX1000 of OCXOs

Raltron’s new series OX1000 of OCXOs

Raltron has just released its very small size OCXO Series OX1000, which provides ideal miniature dimensions of 9 x 14mm and excellent temperature stability, making it suitable for many applications such as wireless infrastructure, transmission, precision instrumentation, broadcasting, utility metering, etc.

Accurate frequency stability is achieved with an SC cut crystal, making the OX1000 the OCXO of choice because of its flexibility to a host of design environments. The family also meets the wander requirements of GR-1244, making it suitable for IEEE-1588 applications.

Some selected specifications include a frequency range from 10MHz to 40MHz, temperature stability as low as 10 ppb from -40°C to +85°C and excellent phase noise of down to -150dBc/Hz at 100KHz from carrier, outputs that are available in both clipped sine wave and HCMOS technologies.

In parallel with its outstanding small size and frequency precision, the OX1000 features a low current consumption of 600mA during warm-up and 300mA in steady state, while the power supply voltage is 3.3V DC.

Part NumberDescription
OX2114A-D3-5-20.000-3.3SC-cut, -40°C to +85°C, 50ppb, HCMOS, No Vc
OX2114A-D3-5-40.000-3.3SC-cut, -40°C to +85°C, 50ppb, HCMOS, No Vc
  • Ultra miniature size 9 x 14mm
  • Accurate frequency stability
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Low phase noise
  • Wide frequency range
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Precision instrumentation
  • Broadcasting
  • Utility metering
  • Wide design environments
  • Meets IEEE-1588 usages