Vishay – QUAD HiFREQ Series: Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for RF Power Applications

Vishay Vitramon extended its QUAD HiFREQ product line introducing a 2525 case size to the already existing 0505 and 1111 cases.

Its special ceramic and electrode materials yield an extremely low ESR, high Q, and high SRF and PRF, with voltage ratings from 300VDC to 3600VDC, designed for high frequency RF applications in telecommunications, medical, military, industrial equipment and instrumentation.

The devices are optimized for a wide range of high frequency applications, including MRI coils and generators, RF instrumentation, and impedance matching networks.

In addition, Vishay Vitramon offers its HiFREQ line of surface mount, high frequency MLCCs in the 0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes, which are ideal for commercial applications such as VoIP networks, cellular base stations, satellite, WiFi (802.11), and WiMAX (802.16) wireless communication.

The QUAD HiFREQ series offers broad working voltages from 200V to 3600V, and wide capacitance ranges from 1.0pF to 2700pF.

The devices offer tight tolerances to ±0.1pF, an excellent aging rate of 0% per decade, and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

Manufactured in noble metal electrode (NME) technology with a wet build process, the capacitors are available with RoHS compliant nickel barrier terminations with 100% matte tin plate for reflow assembly (code “X”), and with a lead bearing (minimum 4%) termination finish (code “L”).

The devices are halogen-free and conform to Vishay “Green” standards.

DielectricCase sizeMaximum voltage (v)Capacitance MinimumCapacitance Maximum
D = NP005052501.0pf100pf
D = NP0111115001.0pf1000pf
D = NP0252536001.0pf2700pf



  • Ultra low ESR (0.01Ω at 150kHz, 1000pF case size 1111)
  • Ultra high Q (>2000)
  • High serial resonant frequency (SRF) and parallel resonant frequency (PRF)
  • Quad case sizes 0505, 1111 and 2525
  • High voltage (250V for 0505, 1500V for 1111, 3600V for 2525)

  • Telecom
  • Medical equipment
  • Military communications
  • Instrumentation