Yageo – ANT2525B00DT1516A & ANT5320LL14R1575A: Patch and Chip Antennas for GPS/Glonass Applications

Figure 1. Typical GPS/Glonass application

Figure 1. Typical GPS/Glonass application

Until recently the GPS was the only space based satellite navigation system with global coverage for civil, commercial and military applications. However, as early as 2012, Glonass, the Russian satellite navigation system developed by the Russian government offers similar global coverage service, and further increases the accuracy, reliability and synchronization speed of the existing system. Other similar navigation systems under development are Galileo (Europe), Beidou/Compass (China) and IRNSS (India).

The two fully operational navigation systems operate at 1575MHz/GPS and 1602MHz/Glonass providing full world coverage. All of today’s satellite receivers are now able to receive a stronger and more reliable signal from the combined satellite constellation (48 satellites total). Yageo is offering a wide range of antennas, both patch and chip, supporting all existing satellite navigation systems.

Ceramic chip antennas are small, compact, and highly recommended for space-saving such as smart phones, tablet, watches or other portable applications. Ceramic patch antennas are larger but offer better performance and are most suitable for telematics, eCall (emergency call), asset/ fleet management tracking systems in automobiles/ transportation and other applications.

Featuring low profile, high gain, wide bandwidth, Yageo’s GPS/Glonass antennas are easy to design and integrate into any small, portable applications. Yageo circular polarized patch antenna (Part number: ANT2525B00DT1516A) and linear polarized chip antenna (Part number: ANT5320LL14R1575A) are dual band antennas supporting GPS and Glonass applications.


  • GPS, dual band of GPS and Glonass
  • SMD and pin types
  • Omnidirectional
  • Linear polarization
  • High directivity, selectivity
  • Right hand circular polarization (RHCP)

  • Telematics box
  • Tracking asset
  • Fleet management
  • eCall
  • Industrial computing