Fairchild – FAN9673: Three-Channel Interleaved CCM PFC Controller


FAN9673: Three-Channel Interleaved CCM PFC Controller
The FAN9673 is an interleaved three-channel Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller IC intended for PFC pre-regulators. Incorporating circuits for the implementation of leading edge, average current, and “boost” type power factor correction, the FAN9673 enables the design of a power supply that fully complies with the IEC1000-3-2 specification. Interleaved operation provides substantial reduction in the input and output ripple currents and the conducted EMI filtering becomes easier and cost effective.


  • Continuous CCM
  • Differential current sensing
  • Programmable PFC output voltage
  • TriFault Detect™ functionality protects against feedback loop failure
  • Programmable soft start
  • Maximum three channels PFC control
  • 18kHz~40kHz or 55kHz~75kHz programmable operation frequency
  • Two type current limit function
  • Sag protection
  • Under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
  • 1k MSRP: $3.45 US