International Rectifier – CHiL, PowIRstage and SupIRBuck: Complete End-to-End DC/DC Solutions




CHiL® Digital power management combined with PowIRstage® provides the most efficient solutions for multiphase converters for processor and memory power



SupIRBuck® offers flexible solutions for all Point-of-Load supply requirements




  • Simple design suites for multi-phase and POL solutions
  • Simple evaluation using hardware development tools
  • Simple layout using digital power, integrated power stages and integrated POL solutions

CHiL® Digital Power Management ICs

Ordering P/NDescription
IR3563BMTRPBF Digital 8+0 phase multiphase controller
IR3564BMTRPBF Digital 4+1 phase multiphase controller
IR3565BMTRPBF Digital 4+2 phase multiphase controller
IR3566BMTRPBF Digital 6+1 phase multiphase controller
IR3570BMTRPBF Digital 3+2 phase multiphase controller
IR36021MTRPBF Digital 2+1 phase multiphase controller

PowIRstage® Integrated Power Stage ICs
Ordering P/NDescription
IR3550MTRPBF 60A PowIRstage®
IR3575MTRPBF 60A PowIRstage® (exposed top)
IR3551MTRPBF 50A PowIRstage®
IR3553MTRPBF 40A PowIRstage®
IR3742MTRPBF 20A PowIRstage®

SupIRBuck® Integrated POL Converters
Ordering P/NDescription
IR3823MTRPBF 3A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3897MTRPBF 4A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3898MTRPBF 6A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3899MTRPBF 9A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3894MTRPBF 12A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3895MTRPBF 16A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3847MTRPBF 25A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3846MTRPBF 35A single-output SupIRBuck®
IR3891MTRPBF 4A + 4A dual-output SupIRBuck®
IR3892MTRPBF 6A + 6A dual-output SupIRBuck®