Micrel – MIC21000: High Performance Digital PWM Controller


MIC21000: High Performance Digital PWM Controller
The MIC21000 is a configurable true-digital PWM controller for high current, non-isolated DC/DC power supplies in computing and telecom applications. The MIC21000 is designed to drive industry-standard DrMOS devices; therefore current capability can be easily scaled. The MIC21000 integrates a digital control loop, optimized for maximum flexibility and stability, as well as load step and steady-state performance. In addition, a rich set of protection and monitoring functions are provided. The on-chip, non-volatile memory (NVM) and an I2C/PMBus™ interface facilitate communication and configuration.


  • Ultra fast transient response
  • High resolution DAC for output
  • Design flexibility with Micrel Digital Designer GUI
  • Programmable UVLO, OCP, OTP, OVP
  • Dedicated temperature monitoring
  • Optimized steady-state performance
  • Programmable control loop to tailor transient response
  • Digital communication through PMBus
  • QFN-24 package
  • 1k MSRP: $3.75 US