Micrel – MIC3205, MIC5283, MICRF505, MIC38HC44 and MIC284: Flicker Free Lighting with More Lumens per Watt and 70% Lower Maintenance Costs




Part NumberDescriptionFunctionFeaturesBenefits
MIC3205HB LED Driver ControllerProvides constant current to adjustable LED peak currentSwitching frequency is fixed regardless of changes to input voltage or changes to the loadMakes it easy for design to fi lter any EMI and EMC
MIC5283120VIN, 150mA Linear RegulatorRegulates output voltage to fi xed or program valueUp to 120V input voltage and up to 150mA, very high PSRR, and low 8μA Q currentIdeal for noisy or poorly regulated supply, ideal for stand-by power
MICRF505RF TransceiverWireless communication for half-duplex, bidirectional linksDigital bit synchronizer and received signal strength indicator (RSSI)RSSI makes it easy to assure there is a good link and can be used to identify EMI on circuit board
MIC38HC44PWM ControllerRegulates the secondary voltage in an isolated fl yback topologyHigh output drive 1A, low operating current (4mA typical)1A driver current allows for high voltage MOSFFET or switch MOSFET at higher switching speed
MIC284Temperature SensorProvides temperature from internal and/or external sensor data via serial port8-bit sigma delta ADC SMBus interface programmable thermostatLow cost, 8-bit resolution temperature sensor ideal for overheating protection