Vishay – WSHM2818: Molded 5W Surface Mount Power Metal Strip® Resistor in a Compact 2818 Package Size


The new molded surface mount Power Metal Strip resistor is designed for use in current sensing, voltage division, and pulse applications. It is intended for use in DC/DC conversion and VRMS in high power server computers, electronic controls in automotive systems, base station power supplies in telecom systems, lithium-ion battery protection and battery-charging systems, motor controls and inverters for industrial systems.

It offers a lower cost version of our current WSH2818 without sacrificing any of the WSH2818 performance characteristics.

The WSHM2818 resistor features a proprietary construction with improved thermal management to enable a 5W power rating in a very small package size that maintains the superior electrical performance of the Power Metal Strip construction. As a result, designers are able to incorporate the WSHM2818 resistor in place of larger surface mount components to realize significant board space savings and enable manufacture of smaller, lighter end products. Alternatively, the designer can use one WSHM2818 resistor as a space- and cost-conserving replacement for multiple discrete resistors featuring lower power ratings.

The device’s surface mount construction enhances flexibility in the design of smaller and/or more robust electronics. For example, the WSHM2818 resistor can be used as a 5W alternative to a though-hole current sensing resistor, reducing manufacturing and placement costs by allowing for total solder-reflow board assembly and eliminating the need for secondary lead forming and trimming operations.


  • Current sensing
  • Voltage division
  • Pulse applications

  • Power rating of 5W
  • Resistance values ranging from 1mΩ to 100mΩ
  • Tight tolerances down to ±0.5%
  • Very low inductance of <5nH
  • RoHS compliant and lead (Pb)-free
  • Dimensions of 0.280 x 0.180 x 0.125 inches [7.1 x 4.6 x 3.18mm]
  • Operating temperature range of -65ºC to +170ºC
  • Includes a low TCR (<20ppm/ºC) solid metal nickel-chrome or manganese-copper alloy resistive element