International Rectifier – iMOTION™: Second Generation IPM Family Shrinks and Simplifies Appliance Motor Drive Design

The new IR second generation (Gen2) family of IRAM System-In-Package (SIP) Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) shrinks and simplifies the design of appliance motor drives.

The IRAM256-1067A (10A), -1567A (15A) and -2067A (20A) are 600V IPMs with Open Emitter pins for advanced appliance motor drives applications such as energy efficient air conditioner, fans, compressors and washing machines. IR’s technology offers an extremely compact, high performance AC motor-driver in a single isolated package to simplify design.

This advanced IPM is a combination of IR’s low VCE(ON) Trench IGBT technology and the industry benchmark 3-phase high voltage, high speed driver (3.3V compatible) in a fully isolated thermally enhanced package. A built-in high precision temperature monitor and over-current protection feature, along with the short circuit rated IGBTs and integrated under-voltage lockout function, deliver high level of protection and fail-safe operation. Using a single in line package with full transfer mold structure and CTI>600 minimizes PCB space and resolves isolation problems to heat-sink.

The new modules are an addition to IR’s iMOTION™ design platform which integrates digital, analog and power technologies together in a flexible, mixed signal chipset to simplify motor control designs and bring energy efficient, cost effective solutions to market faster.



  • Air conditioning
  • Fan
  • Compressor
  • Pump

  • Integrated gate drivers and bootstrap diodes
  • Temperature monitor
  • Protection shutdown pin
  • Low VCE(ON) Trench IGBT technology
  • Under-voltage lockout for all channels
  • Matched propagation delay for all channels
  • 3.3V Schmitt-triggered input logic
  • Cross-conduction prevention logic
  • Motor power range 0.25~0.75kW/5~253VAC for IRAM256-1067A, -1567A and up to 1.5kW/85~253VAC for IRAM256-2067A
  • Isolation 2000VRMS minimum and CTI> 600
  • High operating case temperature, TCMAX=125°C


  • Leveraging IR’s advanced Trench Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) and next generation 3-phase gate driver IC, the IRAM SIP1A Gen2 modules also feature state-of-the-art thermal mechanical technology to further improve thermal performance and system efficiency by delivering increased power density and enhanced system ruggedness and reliability.
  • The new devices are pin-to-pin compatible with the existing IRAM SIP1A series.
  • The new IRAM Gen2 platform utilizes state-of-the-art technology for next generation IRAM SIP intelligent power modules to address the growing demand for more efficient motor drive in appliance applications through improved thermal performance and reduced electromagnetic noise.
Part Number Package V IO (RMS) FPWM TJ MAX Applications
IRAM256-1067A SIP1A600V10A≤20KHz150°CA/C, fan, compressor
IRAM256-1567ASIP1A600V15A≤20KHz150°CA/C, fan, pump, compressor
IRAM256-2067ASIP1A600V20A≤20KHz150°CA/C, fan, pump, compressor