International Rectifier – IRSM505-024: 1.6A μIPM™-DIP Power Module

IRSM505-024: 1.6A μIPM™-DIP Power Module

IRSM505-024 is a 3-phase Integrated Power Module (IPM) designed for advanced appliance motor drive applications such as energy efficient fans and pumps. The IPM offers a combination of low RDS(ON) Trench FREDFET technology and the industry benchmark half bridge high voltage, rugged driver in a compact 12 x 29mm SOP/DIP package and it is optimized for low EMI characteristics.


  • 250V 3-phase inverter
  • 2.3Ω (max, +25°C) RDS(ON) Trench FREDFET
  • Matched propagation delay for all channels
  • Optimized dV/dt for loss and EMI trade offs
  • 1900VRMS (1 min) isolation
  • Integrated bootstrap functionality
  • Under-voltage lockout for all channels
  • Temperature feedback via NTC
  • Open-source for single and leg-shunt current sensing
  • 10k MSRP: $2.75 US