Micrel Semiconductor – MIC4606, MIC2290 and MIC5225: What do Motor Designers Care about? Reliability and Efficiency

The MIC4606 Full-Bridge MOSFET Driver with Anti Shoot-Through and Adaptive Dead-Time Circuitry Addresses Both Requirements and More.

The MIC4606 uses a combination of active sensing and passive delay to ensure that both MOSFETs are not on at the same time. The closed loop circuitry assures that there is no shoot-through and minimizes the Dead-Time between each Half-Bridge MOSFETs. The MIC4606 also offers a wide 5.5V to 16V operating supply range to maximize system efficiency and longer run times in battery-powered applications.


Part Number # Units Description Function Benefit
MIC46062Full-Bridge MOSFET DriverAllows μC to control MOSFET Switching NetworkADT and ASP eliminates the need to add delay coding in the μC, improving efficiency without compromising reliability
MIC229012 x 2mm PWM Boost Regulator with Internal Schottky DiodeBoosts 5V input supply to 12V for high voltage devicesInternal Schottky diode saves cost and board space
MIC52251Ultra Low Quiescent Current, 150mA LDORegulates 3.3V from input supplyLDO protects against reverse polarity and reverse current protection, Low Q current saves power during standby conditions