ON Semiconductor – STK55xU3xxx-E family: High Thermal Performance and Efficiency Integrated Power Modules (IPMs)

IPMs provide high thermal performance and efficiency while reducing component count and PCB area.

ON Semiconductor has expanded its high voltage IPM portfolio with the STK55xU3xxx-E family. With a power range of 10A to 50A in SIP and DIP packaging, the new IPMs integrate a complete 3-phase inverter including the gate drive circuit. The company’s newest IGBT and driver technologies are also incorporated in the new family of IPMs, minimizing switching losses of the module.


The modules are based on the proprietary Insulated Metal Substrate Technology (IMST) which exhibits many benefits over existing standard frame types including excellent thermal coupling and response, higher reliability, lower power losses, faster temperature monitoring and reduced switching surges. IMST enables assembly of discrete passive components (resistors, capacitors); discrete active components (diodes, transistors); and more complex devices (gate drivers, DSPs logic) into high integrated modules.



  • 3-phase power MOS/IGBT bridge
  • On-board gate drivers
  • IC low voltage flag
  • Overcurrent flag
  • On-board current sensor
  • On-board temperature sensor

  • Motor control systems
  • Industrial/general control systems
  • HVAC
  • Clothes washers/dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Industrial motors
  • Fans
Device Type VDS Max (V)Iop Peak Current (A)Package
STK544UC62K-E 3 Shunt resistor 600 10 SIP1
STK551U362A-E 1 Shunt resistor600 10 SIP1A
STK554U362A-E 3 Shunt resistor 600 10 SIP1A
STK554U362C-E 3 Shunt resistor 600 10 SIP1A
STK551U392A-E 1 Shunt resistor600 15SIP1A
STK554U392A-E 3 Shunt resistor 600 15SIP1A
STK551U3A2A-E 1 Shunt resistor600 20SIP1A
STK5F1U3E2D-E 1 Shunt resistor60050DIP4
STK5F4U3E2D-E 3 Shunt resistor 600 50DIP4

Tools: GreenPoint Power Analyzer Tool
The GreenPoint analysis module provides an interactive environment to analyze product performance, including product selection, loss estimation, and download of performance results.