Renesas Electronics – RX Family: For Motion Control, Renesas’ RX MCU Family’s performance and DSP capability make all the difference


With over 34%* of the $1 billion market for 32-bit Digital Signal Controllers, Renesas is the clear leader in DSC applications. The RX Family offers the best blend of both MCU and traditional DSP approaches for signal control, and the combination of RX performance and the extensive DSP library are just what is needed for these demanding motion control applications.

The RX Family offers a perfect blend of MCU and DSP

Traditional MCUs:

  • Single-chip solution
  • Interrupt management system
  • Fast interrupt response
  • Efficient general instructions
  • Fine power management
  • Wide connectivity choice
  • Rich supervisory functions
  • Easily programmed in C
  • Simple low-cost tools
  • Broad ecosystem
Traditional DSPs:

  • Hardware multiply and divide
  • Saturating math
  • 1-cycle wide multiply-accumulate
  • Barrel shifters
  • Simultaneous Code/Data Access
  • Floating Point Unit




The RX MCU is a Digital Signal Controller
The DSP Library is one of many software libraries provided by Renesas. It implements numeric operations used in digital signal processing applications, thereby enabling general purpose MCUs to add DSP functionalities. The DSP Library is free of charge and supported by Renesas.

Easy to Use and Fully Optimized

The DSP Library includes kernels for:

  • Filters
  • Matrix
  • Statistical
  • Transform
  • Complex math operations
  • Supports 16-/32-bit fixed and floating point data types

RX DSP Library – 36 Kernels include 314 Functions

With its hardware-based DSP capabilities and its extensive free DSP library, the RX Family is ideally suited for motion control requirements. Whether you need an ultra-low power, entry-level 32-bit solution like the RX100 series, or a high-performance, full-featured solution like the RX600 series, the DSP solutions offered are fully scalable across all 800+ members of the RX Family.

*Forward Concepts market analysis, 2011.