Intersil – Robust ISL8541x Sync Buck Regulators Ideal for Industrial Applications with 3V to 36V Wide Input Range



With industry leading technology in power management and analog products, Intersil provides innovative design solutions to maximize performance and reliability across a broad range of industrial applications including the smart home and smart grid, test and measurement systems, medical devices and factory automation. Programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, smart transmitters and general purpose data acquisition processes utilize sensors and feedback mechanisms to monitor and control system interactions by collecting, storing and analyzing data.

Intersil offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly integrated and efficient digital and analog controllers, power modules and switching regulators that simplify design and integration for power designers seeking solutions for the most complex systems.

Some of the key requirements of today’s power management solutions include less power consumption under various load conditions, less space, high reliability and wide input voltage. These requirements are driving the need for highly efficient, wide VIN, low quiescent current (IQ) switching regulators in a broad range of applications. Intersil’s ISL8541x buck regulators efficiently down convert the DC voltage from a power supply or battery to power multiple microprocessors and board components, at various voltage requirements. This helps minimize power loss.

The ISL85410 / ISL85415 / ISL85418 offer designers maximum flexibility, operating over a wide range of input and output voltages. Since the devices are pin-to-pin compatible in a 4 x 3mm package, a single layout can be leveraged across multiple systems, thus accelerating time to market and reducing design cost. The ISL85412 / ISL85413 are also pin compatible in a 3 x 3mm package.

Wide input range from 3V to 36V

  • From low voltage to high voltage
  • Output range is also wide, 0.6V to 0.95 of VIN

Synchronous Buck Regulator with both high side and low side FETs integrated

  • Majority of competitors use a standard buck which will need an external low side diode
  • Savings in space, BOM cost and improves efficiency

Pin-to-pin 500mA (ISL85415), 800mA (ISL85418) and 1A (ISL85410) parts

  • Can interchange depending on the final current needs for the board (ISL85418/15/10)

Pin-to-pin 150mA (ISL85412) and 300mA (ISL85413) parts

  • Can interchange depending on the final current needs for the board (ISL85412/13)

3A parts (ISL85003/A) with external sync or adjustable soft start option

Internal compensation

  • Internal compensation requires fewer external components. If you need to fine tune the performance, then using external compensation is an option.
  • Savings in board space and BOM cost

Simple and easy-to-use

  • Intersil demo boards provide a full design that is almost complete
  • Compact, optimized design; not weighed down by extraneous bells and whistles

Light load efficiency mode

  • Improves performance in low load conditions
  • Fast transition from PFM to PWM mode allows for excellent transient performance


  • Industrial control
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Distributed power supplies
  • Medical devices
  • Cloud infrastructure


Supervisor & Sequencers

Core & I/O Power


Switching Controllers

Single Ended Controllers

Switching Regulators Point of Load Regulation

Single Output Boost Regulators


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