Micrel – MIC33163/263: 4MHz Buck Regulator Modules with HyperLight Load® and Power Good


The MIC33163/263 is a highly efficient synchronous buck regulator with integrated inductor which provides the optimal trade-off between footprint and efficiency. The 100% duty cycle and HLL mode of operation delivers very high efficiency at light loads and ultra-fast transient response which makes the MIC33163/263 perfectly suited for any space constrained application and a great alternative for low dropout regulators. An additional benefit of this proprietary architecture is very low output ripple voltage throughout the entire load range with the use of small output capacitors.


  • Up to 93% peak efficiency
  • 33μA quiescent current
  • 85% typical efficiency at 1mA
  • 4MHz PWM operation in continuous mode
  • 0.7V to 5V adjustable output voltage
  • 1A/2A output current
  • Low output voltage ripple
  • Ultra-fast transient response
  • Low radiated emission (EMI) per EN55022, class B
  • Configurable soft start with pre-bias start-up capability