Vishay – Phototriacs: Home Applications



Phototriacs are used as a switch for AC loads and as a pre-driver for larger TRIACs or silicon controlled rectifiers. As a subcategory of optocouplers, they protect sensitive, low voltage control electronics from higher voltage transients or spikes. And, they are found everywhere in your house or apartment. 

Phototriacs are either zero crossing or non-zero crossing. Vishay has an extensive portfolio of each type with a select few shown in the table below. In addition, Vishay also offers the VO2223 Power Phototriac which features a phototriac driving a TRIAC with output currents of 0.9A and 1.0A.

CrossingPart NumberPackageIFT (mA)dV/dt min (V/μs)VISO (VRMS)VDRM (V)Operating Temperature (°C)
Zero CrossingVO3062 VO30636-pin DIP or SMD5, 1015005300600 800-40 to +100
Zero CrossingIL410 IL41086-pin DIP or SMD2100005300600 800-40 to +100
Non-Zero CrossingVO3052 VO30536-pin DIP or SMD5, 1015005300600-40 to +100
Non-Zero CrossingIL420 IL42086-pin DIP or SMD2100005300600 800-40 to +100
Non-Zero CrossingK30 Series6-pin DIP or SMD5, 10, 15105300250 400-40 to +85
Power PhototriacVO2223 VO2223A8-pin DIP102105300600-40 to +85