Yageo – High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for Industrial Automation



Power supplies require passive components to lower overall energy consumption, and they must be highly stable to temperature fluctuations as well as support noise suppression. High voltage MLCCs are capable of operating at high voltage levels in devices or equipment for power transmission. Yageo’s high voltage ceramic capacitor range exhibits low equivalent series resistance (ESR) at high frequencies, offering an attractive alternative to film capacitors used in power circuits, and our safety certified MLCCs are SC rated high voltage capacitors designed for surge and impulse protection.


  • Materials: NPO, X7R
  • Wide selection of sizes: from 0402 to 1812
  • Capacitance range from 0.47pF to 22nF
  • Rated working voltage from 100V to 3000V
  • High ripple current, low ESR
  • Optimized thermal performance
  • Long life, high reliability
  • Current detection
  • Safety approvals (TUV & UL standard certified)

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