Fairchild Semiconductor – FAN3225T: Dual 4A, High Speed, Low Side Gate Driver

FAN3225T: The FAN3223-25 family of dual 4A gate drivers is designed to drive N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs in low side switching applications by providing high peak current pulses during the short switching intervals. The driver is available with either TTL or CMOS input thresholds. Internal circuitry provides an under-voltage lockout function by holding the output LOW until the supply voltage is within the operating range. In addition, the drivers feature matched internal propagation delays between A and B channels for applications requiring dual gate drives with critical timing, such as synchronous rectifiers.


  • Qualified to AEC Q-100
  • 5A peak sink/source current at VDD = 12V
  • 4.3A sink/2.8A source at VOUT = 6V
  • MillerDrive™ technology
  • Under 20ns propagation delay
  • Double current capability by paralleling channels
  • 4.5V to 18V operating range
  • Choice of TTL or CMOS input thresholds
  • Internal resistors turn driver off if no inputs
  • 12ns/9ns typical rise/fall times with 2.2nF load
  • 8-lead 3 x 3mm MLP or 8-lead SOIC package