International Rectifier – IRHE4250D: IRFHE4250D FastIRFET™: Exposed Top Delivers Superior Efficiency for DC/DC Applications

The IRHE4250D is the world’s first 25V dual power MOSFET in 6 x 6mm PQFN with exposed top for superior power density. This addition to IR’s Power Block family uses its latest 25V FastIRFET silicon technology for best in class switching performance, and the exposed top allows for maximum thermal transfer.

The new IRFHE4250D FastIRFET dual power MOSFET reduces power losses by more than 5% at 25A compared to best in class conventional power block devices. The new 25V device is targeted at 12V input DC/DC synchronous buck applications including advanced telecom and netcom equipment, servers, graphic cards, desktop, ultra book and notebook computers.

The IRFHE4250D features IR’s latest generation silicon and expands the power block packaging platform with a 6 x 6mm PQFN package with exposed top and slim profile for backside mounting that combined with excellent thermal performance, low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) and gate charge (Qg) delivers superior power density and lower switching losses to shrink PCB size and improve overall system efficiency.

As with all IR power block devices, the IRFHE4250D works with any controller or driver to offer design flexibility while delivering higher current, efficiency and frequency capability.

The IRFHE4250D is qualified to industrial grade and moisture sensitivity level 2 (MSL2), and features an environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant bill of materials.


  • 60A rated Power Block
  • Low thermal resistance path to the top
  • Control and synchronous MOSFETs in one package
  • Low thermal resistance path to the PCB
  • Slim (<0.75mm) package height enables backside mounting
  • Low charge control MOSFET (13nC typical)
  • Low RDS(ON) synchronous MOSFET (<1.35mΩ)
  • Intrinsic Schottky diode with low forward voltage on Q2
  • RoHS compliant, halogen-free

DC/DC modules (VIN = 12V nominal)

  • Non-isolated

Enterprise telecom/netcom (VIN = 12V)

  • Routers
  • Network bridges (switches)
  • Base stations

Servers (VIN = 12V)

  • 5V and 0.3V rails

Graphic Cards (VIN = 12V)

  • Mid- to high-end

Desktops (VIN = 12V)

  • Workstations

Ultrabooks and notebooks (narrow VDC only)

  • Mid- to high-end


  • IR’s FastIRFET family offers benchmark performance with best in class R*Q figure of merit. The device is ideal for high frequency switching applications requiring peak efficiency for both light and full loads.
  • The IRFHE4250D offers an exposed top feature resulting in up to 5% lower losses at 25A vs best in class power block.
  • The advanced 25V FastIRFET MOSFETs offer industry leading power density for discrete high performance synchronous buck DC/DC switching applications.


Part Number Package Current RatingTyp./Max RDS(ON) 4.5VQg typ @ 4.5V (nC)Qgd typ @ 4.5V (nC)
IRFHE4250D PQFN 6 x 6mm 60ACntr 3.2/4.1 13 5
IRFHE4250D PQFN 6 x 6mm60ASync 1.35/1.0 35 13