intersil – ISL78268: 55V Buck Controller with Integrated 3A Driver

The ISL78268 is a 55V synchronous buck controller with 3A integrated high side and low side drivers. The most versatile high voltage buck solution available, the ISL78268 buck controller provides very high step-down efficiency for a wide variety of load currents from under 5A to over 25A, enabling it to support virtually every 12V, 24V, or 48V high current buck requirement for automotive and industrial applications.


  • Supports 5A to 25A loads
  • Two-phase, current sharing configuration for loads up to 50A
  • Provides average current limiting
  • Selectable diode emulation and burst mode for light loads
  • 3μA shutdown current
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Cycle-by-cycle peak current limiting
  • 55V input tolerance (60V abs max)
  • Adaptive dead time control
  • Adjustable switching frequency from 50kHz to 1.1MHz
  • 24-lead 4 x 4mm QFN package
  • 1k MSRP: $2.45 US